Our Founder and Chairman Talks Business Ecosystem Platform In Discover Germany Magazine

In the September issue of Discover Germany magazine our Founder and Chairwoman Trudi Schifter talks why having a business ecosystem platform is the future for businesses that understand the benefits of leveraging knowledge and intelligence. 
Discover Germany is a magazine that showcases German, Swiss and Austrian vibrant culture, lifestyle and business landscape.   
In the interview, our founder emphasizes the importance of collaborative technology and business platforms:
“I see complex business ecosystems that are facing massive challenges that not any one of the stakeholders have the resources or the ability to solve. But when I talk to the professionals in various sectors, each individual is passionate about wanting to do something to help.”
TallyFox understands the benefits and business opportunities behind the technology that maximizes the knowledge sharing potential.
With powerful business ecosystem platform we are empowering businesses to solve communication and management challenges and leverage their knowledge potential to the fullest. 
Explore Discover Germany magazine and read the interview to learn more

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