TallyFox awarded CTI quality label

TallyFox awarded Swiss CTI quality label

Bern Switzerland, December 5, 2012.

TallyFox Social Technologies AG has been awarded the CTI label seal of quality.
"The CTI Start-up process is a best of class program with rigorous standards of excellence and a comprehensive process to support young companies in Switzerland to become global players and develop sustainable businesses", says Trudi Schifter CEO and Founder. "We are proud to have achieved recognition of the CTI board that TallyFox has reached this stage, and is now ready to expand our business to compete with the very best world wide".

The CTI Label is a seal of solidity and quality. It identifies selected companies for their quality of process and sustainable market positioning.

About TallyFox: Headquartered in Zurich Switzerland, TallyFox builds owns and operates sector focused Knowledge Networks and licenses the platform that powers them. Leveraging the power of open source software, our platform provides online workspaces hosted in a secure private Cloud that delivers intelligence as people work, at a fraction of the cost of stand-alone collaboration tools.
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About CTI: We support companies from the stage of a business idea's feasibility to the point of growing a sustainable business. Specifically CTI backs the transfer of knowledge and technology between universities and business and supports applied research and development. One of CTI’s main missions is the promotion of start-ups, since many innovations are realised and put on the market by new companies. CTI-Startup

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