TallyFox Sponsors KMWorld 2015 And Presents Tallium

We are pleased and excited to present our new business ecosystem platform TallyFox Tallium at KMWorld 2015 conference and to support the conference as platinum sponsors.

KMWorld 2015 is the Knowledge Management and Enterprise Solutions conference dedicated to promoting knowledge management culture.

It is a premium event for those who want to explore the ways to apply knowledge sharing techniques and practices and learn more about the collaborative tools and technology, all to create a successful knowledge-based enterprise.

The conference will present new business strategies and collaborative solutions, addressing the challenges and approaches in maintaining and fostering business value through knowledge sharing and management.

This is a great opportunity to explore and learn more about new platform technologies that impact knowledge management culture and innovation, as emphasized by the organizers - 

“to be successful, today’s organizations have to be flexible and fast, able to easily transfer and share knowledge, deal with zettabytes of data, and innovate, engage, and impact communities and customers in positive ways.”

TallyFox will present the new business ecosystem platform TallyFox Tallium, showcasing how and why knowledge is a critical asset.  

TallyFox Tallium platform will help you to improve knowledge exchange and communication, providing tools that are flexible, easy-to-use and intuitive.

Our  platform enables businesses, organizations and individuals to leverage their knowledge potential, and through sharing knowledge, work more productively and maximize their creativity.

KMWorld 2015 is held in Washington, 2-5 November. Meet us there to discover many Tallium features you will love, and we will show you how we can help your business. More details about the conference are available here


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