VIth World Aqua Congress 2012

With an aim to facilitate exchange of ideas and promotion of research work, Aqua Foundation every year organizes World Aqua Congress- an International event on Water conference, awards and workshops. The upcoming one is VIth in series. VI World Aqua Congress 2012 - Water- Vision 2050 is all about recognizing the need for long term planning for Water, VI World Aqua Congress 2012 will discuss present issues, current status of planning, directions and roadmap for future. This will enable policy makers, planners, researchers and industry to share a common vision, resulting in effective action for this vital resource.

Following themes broadly describe the focus areas of deliberations, with a certain degree of overlapping. Being a vision oriented congress; the structure is flexible and will evolve depending on research contributions received from participants:

• Sustainable Water Management- Challenges, Technologies, Solutions• Water resources and Global Change• Enhancing Water Use Efficiency- Rural, Agriculture, Urban & Industrial• Emerging New Technologies• Adaptive & Integrated water management• Water, Climate, Food & Energy• Governance and water law• Effective involvement of Children for Water• Learning from Traditional Water Management Practices

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