How to improve teamwork with business collaboration platforms?

A growing number of businesses are going mobile, and with an increasing number of entirely web-based entrepreneurships, small business and start-ups, business tools that foster collaboration and teamwork are becoming essential productivity-driven weapons.

Utilization of the business web and mobile apps and open-source platforms very often present the difference between success and failure.

Why businesses need these tools?

First, time is precious, and second, workforce mobility is on the rise.

Modern workplaces seek and demand flexible business tools and technology, which will enable employees to effectively work together, work best and maintain the sense of teamwork and company’s culture.

In terms of either quality improvement, product development or customer service, nurturing effective teamwork in one’s organization means breaking down the communication and collaboration barriers within the organization, drawing on the best from employees. 

Without any doubt, these tools have entirely changed and revolutionized many aspects of modern businesses, moreover, more and more businesses depend on cloud-based work management platforms, which keep the team together, connected, keeping up with today’s business environment.

Whether you run a small business, a large company or a start-up, cohesive team that COMMUNICATES and understands COLABORATION is what every business needs.

How can you use business platforms and tools to improve collaboration and teamwork?

#1 Create a clear sense of direction within a team, strengthening their communication.

A team is created when a group of people are joint to work together on an idea, project, or a problem, however, the members of the team may dislike each other, or even disagree on important issues, and argue.

To encourage the team to work together, one can alter the structure of the team by choosing a team leader, or encouraging shared ownership. Business platforms are empowered with basic communication tools that enable the team to reach joint decisions, preventing the members from taking unilateral decisions, and making sure there are no negative side effects. 


#2 Take an advantage of a virtual employee.

Unless the company is fostering positive business culture, today, a long-distance employee might be both a great advantage and disadvantage. With business web and mobile tools, every company or a small business can benefit from long-distance employees or virtual employees.

The geography in the workplace is becoming increasingly important due to mainly two things:

Physical absence very often enforces objectivity and creativity.

Long-distance employees are not locked into group thinking, or influenced by the working atmosphere.

People who have never met in person might collaborate more efficiently than those who are sharing the same workspace.


#3 Clarify responsibilities and improve the utilization of employee’s skills and knowledge. 

Providing your team with crucial communication tools will enhance their working competences. Moreover, very often, projects require different contributors at different stages, and in large teams, which include employees from various fields, it is important for every member of the team to understand its role, position and responsibility.

Business open source platforms offer easy to use interfaces entirely focused on project management.


#4 Employ different digital and social tools and various channels of communication. 

Communication empowers collaboration, and yet, communication channels differ, thus, to create the positive collaboration culture, with business tools one can experiment with different communication channels, from text communication to video and voice chat.

The team will certainly collaborate more effectively if the tools provided ease communication, making document sharing, reports and projects storing and the process of updating fast and easy.

Moreover, accessing to that information from a single source will eliminate the risk of out-of-date information, and duplication.   

It may seem that these tools are only beneficial to team members and employees, however, efficient tools help an employer understand the team better, especially how they work, or like to work. It is a win-win situation if one does it wisely, and uses the best business tool suitable for a specific business niche.

The fact that technology provides affordability, flexibility and scalability to modern workforce, one should entirely use these advantages to improve productivity and collaboration.

In this way, TallyFox as a cloud-based platform can help - knowledge networks promote collaboration and communication, fostering sharing knowledge, content and know-how across the whole platform. 

For small businesses and organisations, this is definitely an excellent introduction to the practice and an innovative approach to knowledge management. By breaking down the complexity of knowledge networks into simple structures that work in tandem with each other, TallyFox is able to provide world class solutions to both small and large companies.


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