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On Digital Transformation and Knowledge Management

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Posted by TallyFox on 23 December 2016
  From ancient times, people have discovered that one of the most effective techniques of transferring knowledge from person to person is to share it in a community, so they started creating communities for people to gather and address issues. The first knowledge networks were organised around a need.   With the expansion of software in general, networks of people are able to communicate and collaborate ‘virtually’ across the world, anytime and anyplace.   One of the examples is certainly The Water Network, an open knowledge sharing network organised around a need to solve the world’s water crisis, as they say: ”One question and answer at a time”....
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Posted by TallyFox on 22 December 2016
Scaling the existing customer support model was always a challenge for big businesses, and so was streamlining internal communications in order to keep up with business growth. Merging the two needs together opened a sweet spot to introducing knowledge management into the support systems. Creating a support network where employees are able to create a community is important for both employees who have access to all the information, and to the customers who have instant access to expertise. We are able to offer this with Tallium. Here’s how a simple question can be solved and create value.   When your customers can easily access answers to their problems, without picking up the...
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Posted by TallyFox on 06 December 2016
One of the influencers from the KM industry whose opinion is the most sought after is definitely Stan Garfield. Whether it is given through his Linkedin pulse articles, his Quora answers, his tweets or the content he shares on his personal website, people read what he has to say and they learn from it.    For those who are not acquainted with his story, Stan retired in May after eight years at Deloitte, where he led communities and enterprise social networking.    Prior to that, he spent 25 years at HP, Compaq, and Digital Equipment Corporation. In 1996 he launched Digital's first knowledge management program, helped develop the...

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