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On Digital Transformation and Knowledge Management

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Posted by TallyFox on 30 September 2016
Organisations today are becoming very successful in making a plenitude of information available to their employees.   The problem lies in a word "plenitude." Anyone who has searched for information on an enterprise KM system will verify that finding exactly what they need is difficult.    The problem can be solved by contextual search.    But what exactly is contextual search?   In simple terms, contextual search aims to improve search results by either user-provided context or system analysed context.    There are three dominant approaches within the major areas of modern information retrieval: ...
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Posted by TallyFox on 29 September 2016
Setting up a KM system across an organisation may sometimes appear like an unattainable goal.    Organising knowledge within an organisation systematically calls for information structuring which must cover all that the organisation can potentially touch upon.   The same process applies to both documented and undocumented (tacit) knowledge, and it requires extensive meta-knowledge about the organisation.   Organisational taxonomies are an excellent approach for helping meet this need for meta-knowledge, but many organisations fail in structuring them because they are basing their process on two "best practice" solutions that don’t work....
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Posted by TallyFox on 08 September 2016
  The question that defines a company that cares for its customers is: "How can we deliver effortless customer service?". The answer is not that simple as there are many communication channels, and each one of them has its benefits and its challenges.    With the increased use of self-service channels as the first point of contact for customer service, the desire to improve this channel is growing, and many companies are using knowledge management to do it. We say improving is not the answer. They need to be reinvented.   In this article, we identify many challenges that both customers and companies are facing, and outline the way Tallium can...

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