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Posted by TallyFox on 29 October 2015
Dreaming up dozens of new ideas displays creativity, but until a creative idea is turned into an actual project, we cannot talk about innovation. A lot of creative potential is in every organization just waiting to be unleashed, but, there is no innovation until an idea gets implemented, and that's why we need to talk more on the practical side of an innovation process. What does it mean? It means that today you can choose between various collaboration and communication tools that aim to sparkle innovation and creativity. That’s why we need to talk on how in particular collaborative platform can accomplish that: help people demonstrate their own brilliance. This is where we answer the...
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Posted by TallyFox on 21 October 2015
In our interconnected business environment, creating and sustaining innovation means building and strengthening interdependent links - in other words, building an ecosystem. Creating and managing a business ecosystem requires an open environment that empowers collaboration and cooperation, making resources and participants accessible to each other. In a technical and organizational context within a collaborative platform, the members can interact to achieve a specific purpose, share expertise and work more effectively. However, the way each online platform evolves into an ecosystem is unique and the Platform Manager role is critical. The platform manager develops and manages ecosystems...
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Posted by TallyFox on 19 October 2015
Distance and time are no longer barriers to knowledge and collaboration. As business environments interchange, companies and organizations are seeking new opportunities to innovate and bring value to their industries. To accomplish that, they are relying on collaborative technology. But there are still many unknowns related to benefits and utilization of the collaborative platforms and tools. Before you decide to invest in collaborative technology, we suggest you read these five articles - to learn how collaborative platforms can help you to improve your business, whether you seek to address challenges related to teamwork, employee motivation, or enterprise.    How To Improve...

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