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On Digital Transformation and Knowledge Management

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Posted by TallyFox on 29 July 2015
Knowledge networks enable rapid knowledge sharing, which, in turn, accelerates important processes in today’s business. Whether we consider customer needs, product development process or specific projects, knowledge networks make possible for people to collaborate across geographic and organizational borders. The knowledge networks benefits stem from new technologies that have made collaboration easier and creative people who are finding ways to use and apply those new technologies efficiently. But benefits of knowledge networks are seen beyond the usual business context. Knowledge networks have great potential to address global issues and critic problems, some of the world’s biggest...
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Posted by TallyFox on 21 July 2015
Ask different people what are the top skills of modern leaders and you will get different answers. Much has been said about the importance of leaders and leaderships, but most agree on these fundamental leadership traits of top leaders: Establishing an environment of mutual trust Creating a culture of care, support and encouragement Focusing on clear vision and goals While all leaders strive to meet the highest of standards, leaders do come in different shapes, personalities, sexes, and experience levels. But winning at leadership takes practise, which is precisely why the latest Gallup’s State of the American Manager report shows these sobering numbers: (...
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Posted by TallyFox on 15 July 2015
In the recent years, more and more VC firms are interested in the European startup scene.  With 581,000 new companies founded last year (more than one a minute), the UK is becoming one of the most prominent startup ecosystems in Europe. But London isn’t the only tech hub, the tech scene is also booming in Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton and other cities.  Below you can see the figures from StartUp Britain's report:  The UK is becoming a nation of entrepreneurs with thriving entrepreneurial spirit. Many of today’s companies grew or were born in tech incubators or accelerators. Starting a business today is easier and quicker (and cheaper) thanks to...

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