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Posted by TallyFox on 29 March 2017
When McKinsey wrote a report in July 2012 entitled The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies, they understood that raising the productivity of knowledge workers is the most powerful application of social technologies.    They noted in their report: “The average interaction worker spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mail and nearly 20 percent looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks. But when companies use social media internally, messages become content; a searchable record of knowledge can reduce, by as much as 35 percent, the time employees spend searching...
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Posted by TallyFox on 28 March 2017
There are officially 112 software options advertised as knowledge management solutions. Many of them are just collaboration or information management solutions, and won’t help advance knowledge transfer in your organisation, but this doesn’t mean they are bad.    This article will outline the features KM experts agree that all KM solutions should have in order to promote knowledge sharing, but also be straightforward to use.  What do users expect? Familial interface   User experience has been taken to another level with the rise of social media platforms. One in five people has at least one social media profile. Facebook alone has 1.87 bn users...
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Posted by TallyFox on 27 March 2017
“Knowledge management at the moment is influenced by IT people who are building solutions users don’t need. Instead of creating a knowledge sharing culture, we’re destroying it by the systems being put in place. Sharepoint is an example of that. It’s not dynamic and adaptive enough. Everything it does in terms of communities can be better done by social media.” said Dave Snowden in his interview for our blog.    And he is not alone to think this way.   If you search Google for “why SharePoint fails” or “problems with Microsoft SharePoint” you’ll get hundreds of thousands of blog posts, articles or discussions where people share their SharePoint pain stories...
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Posted by TallyFox on 23 March 2017
Dr David Griffiths, the founder of K3-Cubed Ltd has been rewarded for his work, year after year, as one of the key worldwide influencers in the Knowledge Management field.      He holds a PhD in Knowledge strategy and management and an MSc in the Management of Training and Development, both from the University of Edinburgh, where K3-Cubed (K3) was started up as a result of research into knowledge management, business agility and human resource development.    As they say on their website, "K3-Cubed leverages the science of business to deliver multi-award winning High-Performance & High-Reliability management consulting, advisory,...

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