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Posted by TallyFox on 30 April 2015
Encouraged by the success of European tech firms, a growing number of entrepreneurs are seeking support for their innovative business ideas and projects. For ambitious, yet inexperienced entrepreneurs, accelerators and incubators are still the most viable source of mentoring, networking and funding. However, to find effective support, it’s crucial to know which accelerators and incubators play to your advantage. Below is the list of the most successful start-up accelerators and incubators in Germany. Axel Springer Plug & Play The Axel Springer Plug and Play provides great opportunities through their international network in Europe and Silicon Valley. A Berlin-based accelerator...
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Posted by TallyFox on 29 April 2015
If you wish to learn more about collaboration tools and get better insights on the necessity of such tools in today’s businesses, you should read these articles as they will enrich your perspective.  We have chosen 10 articles we believe can help anyone better understand the collaborative technology, predict the future in the business related to collaboration tools and the process itself. So here they are: How Virtual Collaboration Is Changing the Game by Andre Baken, Founding Partner of Digital Oilfield Assessment Services (DOFAS) We chose this article because it underlines the importance collaboration tools have on businesses outside the IT related industry, which only shows...
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Posted by TallyFox on 24 April 2015
Outsourcing in today's digital world is a good decision, we even might say that it is inevitable.   Why not outsource when you can find great designers in the Philippines, excellent developers in Eastern Europe and great content writers on freelance websites such as Odesk and Freelancer?    The one of the biggest challenges in this area is to find a way to organise the tasks so that you can keep track of them. Many use free platforms, exposing their valuable data to people they do not know, and some use paid options.  We here at TallyFox have been cooking something really great and can't wait to show you.    Many articles on the...
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Posted by TallyFox on 21 April 2015
Cloud computing and the cloud industry, like all enterprise technology, is changing rapidly; it is critical and important to monitor the latest developments. Many websites, publications and blogs are dedicated to covering and analysing the cloud industry, thus, we have compiled a list of blogs and online communities that are providing the latest cloud techniques and technologies, trends and cloud-computing insights and information.  If you are interested in cloud computing, you would want to learn from thought leaders and experts, and visit blogs and websites that are updated regularly and enterprise-oriented; if so, you should start with these resources.  Cloud Ave Cloud...
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Posted by TallyFox on 08 April 2015
The interest in the cloud industry is growing, as technology is changing business landscape. If you wish to learn from experts, grow your business and network, see the 10 most important cloud conferences and events you should take part in. The new event in the IP EXPO series, the UK and Europe’s leading Cloud and IT infrastructure event series, is IP EXPO Manchester, a two-day event that covers the latest trends and innovations in the IT and the cloud industry: Big Data, Cloud, Data Centres, Cyber security and more. The event gathers heads of IT, technology experts and engineers, CIOs, exhibitors and business leaders and is a great opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing....

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