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Posted by TallyFox on 30 August 2016
David Gurteen is a well-known name in the Knowledge Management industry and an advocate for conversation in the knowledge management process. He stands proudly behind Gurteen Knowledge Café, a powerful dialogue tool for bringing people together to have meaningful conversations and he regularly gives keynote talks, runs workshops and Gurteen Knowledge Cafés around the world. Some of you who are reading this interview may not know that we held successful workshops with David Gurteen as one of the speakers and we appreciate his opinion on many topics. And we are not the only ones. David Griffiths, David Gurteen and Dave Snowden with The TallyFox Team in Frankfurt, 9 October 2013 As an...
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Posted by TallyFox on 24 August 2016
For some companies, innovation is just a buzzword. Their innovation process is siloed and it is inhibiting the organisation’s ability to profit from its collective expertise. To others, innovation is an integral part of the work process. They brainstorm internally, and they invest a lot of time and effort to encourage employees to come up with ideas, solutions and plans.  Collaborative communities work best when participants can accumulate and recombine ideas, sharing information freely, regardless of their location, and software is intrinsic to this process.  Many companies are now starting to focus on developing various types of cross-organizational innovation programs and if...
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Posted by TallyFox on 10 August 2016
Today’s worker is living in a fast-paced world. They have an account on at least three social media networks and are using two to three messaging apps on a daily basis, along with their e-mail, Skype, and telephone. They are used to information being sent out and shared instantaneously, and they are expecting a quick reaction.  Major messaging apps have recognised this need and have introduced a “delivered” status when the message is delivered, a “seen” status when the recipient sees the message, the time the person was last online, and even information on how fast they reply to messages.  On Social Media networks, information is shared with an audience of more than one person...

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