TallyFox Digest: Improve Your Business With the Help of Collaboration Tools

Distance and time are no longer barriers to knowledge and collaboration.

As business environments interchange, companies and organizations are seeking new opportunities to innovate and bring value to their industries. To accomplish that, they are relying on collaborative technology.

But there are still many unknowns related to benefits and utilization of the collaborative platforms and tools.

Before you decide to invest in collaborative technology, we suggest you read these five articles - to learn how collaborative platforms can help you to improve your business, whether you seek to address challenges related to teamwork, employee motivation, or enterprise. 


How To Improve Teamwork With Business Collaboration Platforms?

According to Gallup’s 2014 research only 13 percent of all employees are “highly engaged,” and 26 percent are “actively disengaged.” Moreover, eighty percent of organizations believe their employees are overwhelmed with information at work and fewer than 8 percent have programs to deal with the issue.

What about your team? Why some work groups exhibit effective teamwork and others are dysfunctional? 

Are your using the power of your team to improve your business and increase the value of your work?

On one hand, attracting top-skilled workers is a highly competitive activity and, on the other, putting teamwork as the center of everything you do requires the right collaborative technology.

Effective teamwork is profoundly simple when you use the business collaboration platform that meet your business needs. 


How Can You Use Collaboration Platforms To Motivate Your Employees?

If you want your employees to grow and be satisfied with their jobs, motivation is the driving factor. While there isn't a one-fits-all strategy, as each employee is unique, with unique values and different ideas, there are ways to keep your employees motivated and provide them with tasks worth fulfilling.

A collaboration platform enables flexibility and organization in work, empowering communication, and communication is one of the most important contributing factors to overall satisfaction.

By using a collaboration platform, one will maintain productivity and provide each individual with the drive they need to perform to the best of their ability.


How Collaborative Technology Solves Enterprise Challenges?

Many enterprises do not have a standardized management; fragmented inefficient internal communication is one of the biggest challenges they are facing.  Moreover, inefficient internal communication causes tremendous costs and delays.

Collaborative technology is the connector between remote workers, empowering teams to communicate more effectively while enhancing their workflow.

What enterprise challenges is your organization currently facing?

Read how collaborative technology can help you to address them.


Ways Free Collaboration Software Can Jumpstart Your Business

Collaboration software is a catalyst for productivity. With collaborative technology, businesses build a workplace where people enjoy the tools they use to get the work done.

Enabling communication, improving project management, bettering workflow and content management, collaboration software is the most effective result-driven tool for small, medium and large businesses.

Employees and partners have immediate access to critical business information and documents, and are able to share ideas and information among people and across an organization, whenever they need it.

Every business should learn how to make their teams stay organised, using the time as efficiently as possible, and collaboration software is what they need to do precisely that: connect people and information when it's needed.


Office Collaboration: How To Choose The Right Tool?

Collaboration is a challenge: assigning tasks, following up on pending task, making sure everyone on the team is always in the loop - is something every business might struggle to accomplish.

But, deciding on which collaboration tools or software one needs is equally challenging.

To make the best decisions for your business, there are some questions to answer that will help you to determine what type of collaboration technology suits your needs.




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