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Posted by TallyFox on 24 November 2014
The word teamwork has grown into a universally desirable business attribute, considered the best way of getting the job done. However, although much has been said on teamwork and leadership, still very few companies and organizations have a clear understanding of what teamwork truly is, how to achieve and improve it. It appears that the qualities that make a team more efficient and productive might also undermine success in teams that are large, diverse, virtual, and are created of experts and educated specialists. In such teams, sharing knowledge and resources, learning from one another, helping with deadlines, that is, every action that foster collaboration within the team, might not...
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Posted by TallyFox on 21 November 2014
Corporate culture is a watchword for modern businesses. Although interpreted differently by managers and employees, no one questions the importance of engaging and comfortable working atmosphere and office environment. Moreover, if one is to look up to the most successful companies, the new book, published by Google executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, and an adviser to Google CEO, Jonathan Rosenberg (together with Alan Eagle), How Google Works, emphasizes the values and necessity of a strong company culture.   The book answers the question: “How do you build a successful business?” exploring the steps modern entrepreneurs should undertake to reach success. Tackling with...
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Posted by TallyFox on 28 October 2014
What does collaboration mean for you? The most successful companies make employee collaboration a priority and a key part of the corporate culture. Creating a corporate culture where collaboration thrives doesn’t simply happen by itself – there is a big difference between awareness and action. Collaboration means different things to different people - business managers might see collaboration as strategic partnership or other inter-organizational alliances, while employees view them as online tools or network applications, even social media.                                        ...
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Posted by TallyFox on 24 October 2014
For every entrepreneur the time is precious, and effective time management implies using a range of tools and techniques to accomplish specific goals and tasks in the planned amount of time. With effective collaboration tools, technology brought a new understanding of time management allowing us to connect, collaborate, improve, and perform to our best.  If a business is not taking an advantage of time management tools, it will miss out an opportunity to create a strong and coherent team and foster teamwork, communication and collaboration. Today, internet technologies shape the work culture for many businesses and a team is a driving force behind every business, thus, to operate...
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Posted by TallyFox on 17 October 2014
For a good idea to profit in today’s economy, ambitious visionaries face various challenges that lie ahead of them. Moreover, precisely those challenges, whether related to funding and finances, marketing, market, or the product, force one either to give up or move on. While a well-defined vision is the major force behind success, envisioning how to succeed from the very beginning is hardly enough for a good strategy. Social skills, time management, determination, discipline, fundraising skills, budget planning and adaptation to change all come before execution, before an idea becomes the reality. And what is the most important thing with execution? A team and team collaboration. Work...
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Posted by TallyFox on 10 October 2014
What is a small business? Each company, at one point in time, starts out as a small business, and with the help of some growth hacking techniques and hard work they become bigger or more successful. Tax policies and government support have a better definition of this term: under the Australian Fair Work Act from 2009 a small business is a business with up to 15 employees, in European Union it's under 250. In America, you can qualify for many US Small Business Administration programs if you have under 500! employees. Almost every other business is small business.   Why is software that important? When you are running a small business, every cent is important. You see yourself...
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Posted by TallyFox on 03 October 2014
Lately, it has become widely known what the term collaboration encompasses. What is little less known is how to achieve quality collaboration and take the most out of it in the workplace. How to collaborate? In order for a need for collaboration to exist, there has to be some shared interest in a project or work among the teammates or co-workers. There also has to exist some kind of structure, hierarchy or division among the co-workers. When you have all of the conditions defined, you must know the deadline of the project you are working on. Everyone involved should understand every step of the collaboration process, as well as the final goal, which must be clearly stated. Proper task...
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Posted by TallyFox on 30 September 2014
  You have probably heard more than once that human interaction comes down to three main forms: conversations, transactions and collaboration. We do all three on daily bases, while shopping, travelling, studying, going out and, of course, working. When it comes to business, collaboration process begins when you need to work jointly with at least one other person, aiming at producing something, resolving a problem or meeting a deadline. In order to start collaborating with someone who is not near, maybe not in the same building, company, country or even continent, the first thing you need is a collaborative software. Collaborative software or application software allows...
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Posted by TallyFox on 26 September 2014
If you ever wondered or had unanswered questions regarding Intranet software, this is the article for you. There are many Intranet solutions out there and they are very different, because the needs of its users are different as well. The real challenge is to choose the best one for you, a good fit for your organisation that can grow with you until you finally grow out of it and need a different one. What is Intranet Software? It is quite interesting to go to Google, type in: define:intranet, and apart from getting a direct, knowledge graph, reply - you’ll get access to various internal networks of well known universities. Provided you have the Log In data, of course. This also answers our...
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Posted by TallyFox on 12 September 2014
A growing number of businesses are going mobile, and with an increasing number of entirely web-based entrepreneurships, small business and start-ups, business tools that foster collaboration and teamwork are becoming essential productivity-driven weapons. Utilization of the business web and mobile apps and open-source platforms very often present the difference between success and failure. Why businesses need these tools? First, time is precious, and second, workforce mobility is on the rise. Modern workplaces seek and demand flexible business tools and technology, which will enable employees to effectively work together, work best and maintain the sense of teamwork and company’s...


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